There is no doubt that contingent recruitment can offer exceptional value to employers.  Essentially the recruiter is taking all of the risk in committing time, money and resources to a candidate search process.  If the employer does not find the right candidate, hires internally or simply has a change of mind, the recruiter is left out of pocket.

Whist the option to engage several different recruitment firms to fill a position without paying a fee seems attractive, it is worth considering the following drawbacks to this scenario……..

Engaging multiple Contingency Recruiters?

  • A less thorough search with none of the recruiters devoting all of their resources to the process

  • Recruiters are competing to introduce CV’s as quickly as possible, leading to corners being cut

  • Less care is taken by the recruiter to properly explain and promote the opportunity to the best talent

  • Introduction issues are widespread and can cause problems for clients, candidates and recruiters

  • A ‘quantity over quality’ mentality resulting in clients wasted time sifting through CV’s