Our seven stages to the

Mode 3 Retained Executive
Search Process

Stage 1.


Prior to undertaking a retained search assignment, we will meet with all relevant stakeholders, clarify the level of sensitivity of the role and how this will influence the candidate attraction phase. This will be an opportunity for us to build a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of your business, including company history, aspirations and culture.  It is also imperative that we fully understand the position inside and out in order to identify candidates with the perfect skills.

Stage 2.

Candidate research

No stone is then left unturned in our pursuit of the best people for your business.  We conduct comprehensive research and utilise our extensive industry knowledge and referral network to identify potential candidates.  This meticulous approach will generate a long list of individuals, many of whom will not be available on the open job market.

Stage 3.

Approach & assessment

Thoroughly understanding your business enables Mode 3 to act as true ambassadors on your behalf, attracting and engaging the very best talent.  We will discreetly contact high performing individuals and establish their potential interest in making a career move.  The attraction phase is then complimented with a rigorous candidate assessment to determine the candidates most qualified for the role, and best suited to your company culture.

Stage 4.

Present shortlist

We present a short list of pre-qualified candidates including full career history, along with our interviews notes highlighting relevant suitability.  At this stage our mantra will always be ‘quality over quantity’, however we do also recognise that clients sometimes require a minimum number of candidates to meet internal HR protocols.  Our aim is to ensure that each shortlist looks more like a wish list!

Stage 5.


We will coordinate all stages of the interview process and maintain a constant flow of communication.  Speaking with candidates directly after each meeting, we ascertain their viewpoint and ambition for the position. This is also an opportunity to identify issues or concerns that could otherwise lead to the preferred candidate not accepting an eventual offer.  We will debrief with the client in a similar manner and keep candidates updated with their feedback.

Stage 6.

Offer management & negotiation

A significant element of successful talent acquisition and where key appointments can fail without the right recruitment partner, concerns the need to carefully manage the human aspect of hiring.  We develop strong relationships with our candidates, carefully managing the emotional journey taken when making a life changing career move.  Offer negotiations are handled with a high degree of skill and expertise developed through the wide ranging experience of our team.

Stage 7.

Ongoing support

We will schedule follows-ups with both the client and the candidate following the commencement of the position. This is to ensure the successful transition into the role, and to provide support where required.

Entirely focused on your success!